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Empower Your Team with Immediate-impact tools and training: Leveraging Over 25 Years of Experience in Motivating Diverse Groups Towards Personal and Professional Excellence.


who find the most value in the talks we offer are:

  • Sales Organizations

  • Small Business Associations

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Church Groups

  • School Groups

  • Corporate Events

  • Business Conferences


we offer that offers the greatest value and impact:

  • SEO

  • Marketing

  • Team Building

  • Technology

  • Start Ups

  • Leadership

  • Mindset

Current talks that are hot!

"Boost Your Business: Easy DIY SEO Strategies for Entrepreneurs"

"Success Secrets: Direct Marketing Techniques That Deliver Results"

"Creating a Winning Workplace: The Art of Cultivating a Thriving Culture"

"AI for Success: Transforming Your Business with Artificial Intelligence"

"Customer Power: Turning Loyal Clients into Dynamic Sales Champions"

"Beyond the Hype: Unveiling the Truth About Social Media Marketing"

"Mind Over Money: Mastering the Psychology of Wealth Building"

Value added to the message we bring.

Enhance Your Event with Value-Added Giveaways: Our talks not only deliver a blend of informative, illustrative, and inspiring content but also offer tangible takeaways for every attendee. We collaborate with your group's organizers to provide exclusive, complimentary items, ensuring immediate, practical benefits for all participants.

Value of:


Online Health Score

Your Business's Blueprint to Digital Success! Tailored for business owners, this comprehensive report provides a detailed step-by-step guide on your current online ranking, practical strategies to enhance discoverability, and a thorough comparison with competitors. It's more than just an analysis – it's a roadmap to rectifying mistakes and outshining your competition in the digital arena. Unlock your business's full online potential and start dominating your digital space today

Value of:


Digital Business Card

Revolutionize Networking with the TW3 Tap Card: The Ultimate Digital Business Card! Say goodbye to outdated paper cards and embrace the future. This innovative card not only shares your information with a simple tap but also captures your client's details instantly. After every meeting, it seamlessly sends out follow-ups, ensuring your business stays top-of-mind. With the TW3 Tap Card, your contact info is effortlessly stored in your client’s smartphone, making sure your business is remembered long after the first handshake. Embrace efficiency and impact with this smart networking solution!

Value of:


Motivational Book

Discover Your True Potential with 'You Are Worth More!' – a motivational masterpiece that charts Terry Wilson's inspiring journey. This book isn't just a story; it's a roadmap to realizing your dreams. Learn how to harness your unique skills and passions to construct the professional and personal life you've always envisioned. 'You Are Worth More!' offers practical wisdom, empowering insights, and real-world strategies to unlock your full potential. It's more than a book; it's a catalyst for transforming your aspirations into reality. Start your journey to a more fulfilling life today!

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