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About our mastermind group

3 Areas we focus on

Our meetings will always focus in on 1 of 3 areas. These are open discussions that everyone is invited to participate in and offer their perspective to the member who occupies the hot-seat for that session. Each participant has their turn in the hot-seat to seek the input, perspective, and expertise of the group on their turn.


We discuss ways to improve our thought process and understand ourselves better. These discussions lead to better communication, connection, and leadership skills.


We discuss the day to day functions of what we do in our personal and professional lives to become more efficient and effective. This ranges from marketing, sales, to managing teams.


We discuss and hold each other accountable to work toward and achieve our stated goals and missions. We offer each other perspective and pitfalls to watch for to expedite the journey to completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join?

We are open to everyone but a person must be a business owner or manager of a business to be invited. The size and age of the business does not matter. You could be just starting a business, but our group is focused on owning and operating a business.

How much does it cost?

It cost $3500 to join and $150 per mo to stay active. You can remain an active member as long as you want. Some of our members have been with us for over 10 years now. We ask that you commit to a min of 6mo to maintain the culture and continuity of the group. We do offer broken up payment plans and reduced pricing for those willing to make longer membership commitments.

How do I join?

Book a 1 on 1 call with my team. After you discuss your goals and what you are wanting to achieve in your business we can assess with you if this opportunity would be a value to you. If we all mutually agree this would be a great fit then an invitation link is sent to join.

What is included?

50+ hours of training videos

Weekly group meetings at 8pm ET via zoom

1 on 1 coaching with a TW3 Trainer

Suite of business tools (covered in free coaching call)

What are the results I can expect?

While we can't guarantee you anything we can show the results of several of our clients. Many of which are a who's who of online influencers, entrepreneurs, and business owners.